CHAMP was established as a not for profit organisation in


to respond to the growing need for corporate HIV / AIDS programmes within Zambia.


To deliver quality health systems and services to strengthen organisations and community responses through a highly interactive team that uses innovative interventions, linkages and information technology

What we do

CHAMP has grown into one of Zambia's most successful HIV implementing organisations, providing HIV related services, and support to a wide variety of workplaces and communities.

In December 2003 CHAMP initiated Zambia's only dedicated HIV Talkline that offers a 24/7, 365 counseling and information service to the public of Zambia. The HIV Talkline provides the opportunity for the provision of targeted information and for ongoing assessment of prevailing attitudes and information gaps. Our key areas are:

  • HIV/ AIDS policy development.
  • Management, peer educator and focal point person training.
  • Ongoing support to corporate HIV/AIDS policy and workplace programmes.
  • Managerial support to the nationwide 24 hour 990 toll free HIV information and counseling telephone service.
  • Sensitisation of employees and outreach communities on HIV/AIDS.
  • HIV/AIDS impact analysis prevalence testing.
  • Regular updates to health care providers and patients on current developments in HIV care.
  • Education programmes and information material on several aspects of HIV/AIDS.
  • VCT, OVC support, and ART Services.